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Browse Authors

Browse Authors is a list of every author in the database, listed alphabetically in the Author Name column. There is an A-Z list at the top of the table that allows you to narrow your results by a particular letter. You can also limit your results by nationality, ethnicity, and race. Click on an author to see biographical information and a list of works in the collection.

The table also lists Items and In Number of Works for each author. Click the number in the Items column to go to the chapters and other smaller documents or sections written by that author. Click the number in In Number of Items column to go to the list of documents from which Items (chapters and other smaller documents) are derived.

Lastly, you can use the Find Term field to perform a keyword search for a particular subject term. If you know what subject you're looking for, entering your term into the Find Term field allows you to locate the subject quickly without having to scroll through an entire list of subjects.