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Technical Support

Telephone: 1-800-889-5937

When reporting a problem please include your customer name, e-mail address, phone number, domain name or IP address and that of your web proxy server if used.

Navigating in the Image Viewer

There are several ways to navigate between pages and installments in the image viewer.

Next/Previous Page Controls: Use these to move through the pages as you would a printed book. These controls will indicate when you are changing to a different installment with different metadata by alerting you that the next page is in the next item.

Table of Contents Pull Down: This box shows all of the chapter/installment names within the book or issue you are viewing. You can select a title to jump directly to that installment in the viewer.

Next/Previous Item Controls: Use these to skip between installments /chapters in the book or issue you are viewing. Similar to the pull down.